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Everdry carpet and upholstery cleaning offers its services to all of Sydney Metro areas.

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. We are the market leaders offering service to both residential and commercial clients in carpet, rug, upholstery, leather , mattress , automotive interiors, curtain, blind, water, flood and fire damage. However, today we still service our very first customers.

We have over 23 years experience in this industry so you can rest assured you are dealing with a reliable and reputable company with extensive knowledge to get the job done perfectly.

It is our firm belief that a satisfied customer becomes a repeat customer and refers our business to others. Therefore ,your satifaction is our number one priority.

With extensive experience in the carpet and upholstery drycleaning industry, Everdry have devised the most environmentally friendly, cost effective, techniques to keep your carpet and upholstery cleaner than ever.

Everdry trains all its service personnel for the expert use of the most modern technological equipment and the finest cleaning and spot removing agents on the market.

Everdry specialises in transforming your fully stained and dirty carpets into newly cleaned carpet. We specialise in the most delicate and stubborn stains like for example coffee, tea, redwine, blood, food, paint, ink, nail polish and much more.

We believe that we are: "THE STAIN REMOVAL SPECIALISTS"