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The Stain Removal
Everdry Carpet Cleaning Services

Specialising in stain removal
Rug Experts
Macro seude, indian cotton,Tapestry
Leather, vinyl specialisits
Vertical blinds,Curtains,Roman Blinds
Cars, boats and Aircrafts
Carpet and fabric protection
Anti-static treatment
Sanitising & deodorising odour control
Dust Mite Treatment


Advantages and benefits of using Everdry

» Lowest re soiling Characteristics of any system. Leaves carpet in an anionic (negative charge) state. Instead of a cationic (positive charge) State for less soil attraction.

» Ph is neutral

» Spots, spills, and stains won’t “wick” back and “ugly out” 2 weeks or so after cleaning.

» Your carpet is available for use immediately after carpet is cleaned.

» Safe and non-toxic for children and pets.

» Specialising in Stain Removal

» Professional and friendly technicians